Have you ever attempted to interact with users of your Facebook page and found yourself confused about whether you were interacting as your page or as your personal profile?

Facebook has recently revamped many features for Pages, and has effectively ended this confusion. One of the most useful, new features is “Use Facebook as Page”. This feature allows you to essentially “log in” AS your Facebook page.

Use Facebook As Page

Click On "Account" to open this menu

How to Use Facebook as Page

You should see the option to “Use Facebook as Page” under the drop down menu when you click the “Account” button on the top-right corner of the page.

Facebook will then prompt you to select the page you wish to use. If you have more than one page, pick the page which you wish to interact as.

You will then be logged in as your page.


Benefits of Using Facebook as Your Page

You will now receive notifications for interactions that happen on your page, just like you normally would on your personal page. Every time somebody “likes” your page or writes on your wall, you will be notified here. You can also post on other pages AS your page.

By default you will now get emailed for each notification. To disable this, go to your page, click “edit page” in the upper right, click “your settings” on the upper left, and then uncheck the box that says “send notifications to (youremail@youremail.com) when people post or comment on your page.”


There is a lot more to mess around with using this new feature. I recommend “taking the tour” of the feature when you use it for the first time. Facebook will prompt you to do this. It is short and to the point, and is a great way to learn your way around!