We have all seen the scammy offers out there designed to get you to market a company for them. Get 10 friends to enroll in our terrible service and get yours free! Right… Even Groupon seems a little contrived. Post a deal in which lots of people must sign up, otherwise the deal won’t go live. Of course, if the deal is even the least bit good, at this point it won’t have any trouble getting the required number of buyers. Any marketing that people did is just superfluous and not actually required for the process.Buy With Me Logo

Today I came across a deal via slickdeals.net (I am a very longtime subscriber) which was essentially 4 AMC tickets for $24. They don’t expire and you can use them at any location. Not bad, if you go to nighttime showings frequently. But the site I bought it from was more interesting… It is buywithme.com and the deal works like this: You buy it normally, and thats all good. But then you share a link to the deal, and if three friends buy it as well, you get the deal free. The deal only lasts 24 hours apparently, so presumably they don’t charge your card until that time is up. If 3 friends bought it, they don’t charge anything.

I could definitely see this picking up in the future because it offers an attainable way to get free stuff. People actually have an incentive to share since it’s so easy to see how you could save money with it. Large brands with decent followings could easily see a huge influx of  traffic and usage for deals they post online. I am calling it now, this site or sites like it will either grow much more popular than Groupon, or fail do to an unsustainable business model. Only time can tell!

Also, here is the link to buy the tickets and help me get them free. http://www.buywithme.com That’s right, I am selling out for free tickets… Oh wait, I am just being social using SOCIAL MEDIA! Yay!